Mr. Saint Clair Baldwin, owner of the following propriety, Landed propriety of 26.817.800 m2 (2.682 Ha), registered legal document dated 18-April-2000, Number 1435 – Book 2-G, page 138 from General Register R-22/1435; placed in Humaitá county of Amazonas state (Brazil country), promotes the sell of above mentioned area 1000 Ha with division of land into lots of 1 Ha (10.000 m2) minimum area, for purpose to preserve the environment for this part of brazilian Amazon forest to next generation.

The limits of this propriety are found described below:

  • NORTH: river Igarapé Uruapiara

  • SOUTH: propriety of Mr Joaquim Taveira Lobato

  • EAST: propriety  of Mr. João Lopes de Oliveira and river Igarapé das Onças

  • West: river Igarapé Uruapiara

The Humaitá county is located at left margin of river Madeira, which is a stream of river Amazonas. The navigation through this river is available for maritime commerce during all the time. It is limited north with Tapava county ( Rondônia state-Brazil), at 30’22 S and 63º01’15’’ W.

The Humaitá’s total population is about 32.783, living in area of 33.213.300 Km2, this county is situated at south of Amazonas state, and the downtown is placed between two federal roads:

  • ROAD BR-319: link from Humaitá county(Amazonas) to Porto Velho city (Rondônia), and

  • ROAD BR-230: link from Humaitá county(Amazonas) to Labrea city.

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